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Welcome to Rocket U2 DeveloperZone

Rocket U2 DeveloperZone provides resources to help you develop business software applications using the UniData or UniVerse (U2) multi-value databases.

Why develop software using a U2 database? 

Fast and Flexible

U2 databases can hold nearly any type of data; text, video, audio - and manage that content for easy access. The U2 multi-value data model requires fewer, smaller database tables, and fewer joins. The U2 dynamic schema lets you add and modify columns without loading and reloading the database.

“Since we are competing with companies like Google, which have enormous development resources at their disposal, it is crucial for us to be able to respond quickly to our customers’ changing needs,” says Justin Morshead, CEO of AdPrecision  “We estimate that UniData enables us to bring new services to market two or three times faster than would be possible with a different database, so it gives us a major competitive advantage.”

"The flexibility of UniVerse makes our cost of development far lower than it would be with other databases such as Oracle. We can be quicker at building applications, bringing them to market, ramping up a revenue stream and achieving a return on our investment." - Michael Mallory, President, AutoPower Corporation


Dynamic files in the U2 databases virtually eliminate the need for a Database Administrator (DBA) or table reorganization. The integrated development environment and run-time engine provide efficient access to and management of the data model.

"There is simply no need for a database administrator in a UniVerse shop. That's a  savings of at least $100,000 per year in DBA costs, right off the bat."  - Peter Anderson, VP and Chief Technology Officer, 1mage Software, Inc.


U2 databases scale easily from 2 to 20,000 users and 1 to 100 gigabytes or more of data. The U2 multi-value model keeps data access fast - even in large installations.

"Rocket U2 Professional Services has auditing U2 Data Servers running 20,000 concurrent sessions on a single server.  The largest installation in use runs 32,000 concurrent sessions on 4 servers." - Steve O'Neal, Rocket U2 Professional Services


U2 databases have been run for over a decade in many 24x7 enterprises including emergency response systems.

 “Today's public safety environment requires continuous computer availability to ensure prompt delivery of emergency services in a variety of emergency situations. Hitech Systems has relied on U2 technologies since 1986 to deliver highly available 24x7 emergency response command and control systems for public safety agencies around the world.” - Henry Unger, President, Hitech Systems, Inc.

  “All Davison products run on UniData, an IBM database management system (DBMS).  UniData is a nested relational database management system which permits efficient design and operation of business applications in a high-transaction, multi-user environment.”    -  Scott S. Hastings, CEO, F.W. Davison & Company

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Who Uses U2?

Solutions based on U2 operate around the world, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, including:

  • 40% of US institutions of higher education
  • 70% of North America's largest independent insurance agencies
  • 80% of all automotive dealerships in North America
  • 50% of the top 400 energy companies


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