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Development Tools

Create your U2 application using a variety of tools and frameworks including our own U2 Basic, .NET, Java, Web Services, XML and more.

Developing with U2 Basic

U2 Basic is a powerful, procedural language that is tightly integrated with the U2 databases/ U2 Basic Developer Toolkit (BDT) is a modern, integrated development environment for U2 Basic Developers.  Based on Eclipse, BDT provides multiple views to the information needed to explore resources, edit database dictionaries, code and debug server-side code quickly. BDT is part of the U2 DBTools package; download BDT for free here.


Developing with .NET

There are many ways to develop using Visual Studio and the .NET framework, these range from graphical tools to APIs.  Leverage all your existing U2 data and logic while developing with the latest development environments and frameworks.

.NET Development


.NET Tools Available

UniObjects for .NET - A coder's interface to UniData and UniVerse through Microsoft® .NET classes. Enables software development in the .NET framework.

U2 Web DE - can create ASP web pages for integration into your .NET application allowing reuse of RedBack Objects (RBO's)

U2 Toolkit for .NET - comprehensive .NET interfaces for U2 data servers.

SB/XA - provides .NET integration using Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) and XAML to build compelling user interfaces that interact with your SB/XA Application Server code using a default set of .NET controls.


Developing with Java

Java Tools Available

UniObjects for Java - UniObjects for Java is a 100% pure Java class library whose objects are able to take full advantage of any Java-based integrated development environment (IDE). Create Java-based applications quickly and easily on both Windows NT and UNIX servers.

JDBC - Provide standards-based SQL interfaces for UniData and UniVerse which enable access to U2 tables, files and views (including data and calculated fields). ODBC takes full advantage of U2 MultiValued data structures and extended features, such as select lists.

U2 Web Development Environment - U2 Web Development Environment for UniData® and UniVerse® (U2) provides an object-oriented view of U2 data server and business logic through user-defined RedBack® Objects.

Java Thin Client - a Java applet that can run, for example inside a browser as part of a corporate intranet. Server-based processing introduces many benefits, such as client independence and central administration. The wIntegrate server can be administered from any authorized desktop, and a Monitor application allows sessions to be viewed and controlled by authorized users from any PC on the network.


Developing with Rapid Application Development (RAD) Tools

RAD Tools available for download

SystemBuilder Extensible Architecture (SB/XA) - Our powerful 4GL, SB/XA, with .NET-based presentation clients leveraging Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF), XAML (Extensible Application Markup Languge), Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) and more.  SB/XA 6.0 delivers new presentation clients, lookless controls, connection resilience, deployment capabilities, Single-Sign On, and faster file transfer performance. Get a free Personal Edition of SB/XA here.

U2 Web Development Environment - U2 Web Development Environment(U2 Web DE) provides an object-oriented view of U2 data server and business logic through user-defined RedBack® Objects which can be accessed via .NET and Java frameworks. Get a free Personal Edition of U2 Web DE here.


Developing with XML

Tools and API's available

U2 Web Services Developer – The U2 Web Services Development Tool for UniData and UniVerse (U2WSD) allows developers to create Web Services quickly from existing subroutines as well as from queries. This enables disparate organizations to communicate with one another using a worldwide standard. Businesses embracing Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) with U2-based applications can provide information as a service using U2WSD. You may optionally purchase connection pools to use with U2 Web Service Developer to improve scalability. U2 U2 Web Services Developer is available on the U2 client CD. For more information, see the U2 Web Services Developer Manual.

XML/DB – The XML/DB tool enables you to create a mapping file to use when creating XML documents from the UniData database, or when extracting data from an XML document and updating the UniData database

The XML/DB tool loads a DTD or XML Schema, validates the DTD or XML Schema, opens the associated data files, and produces an outline of the file structure. You can then map the DTD or XML Schema tags to the associated fields in the data file, and use this map with UniQuery, UniData SQL, UniBasic, or the XMAP API. Refer to the UniData UniBasic Extensions  and UniVerse BASIC Extensions manuals found in the U2 Technical Documentation Library for more information.

API's -Our U2 Basic languages have power APIs for mapping, managing, manipulating, consuming and providing XML data:


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